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Financial Assistance Program Overview


The purpose of the Financial Assistance Program is to provide families in need with a reduction in registration, coaching, and club fees.  The Financial Assistance Program exists to help ensure that players from economically diverse backgrounds are not prevented from playing soccer in the POSC for financial reasons.  Although POSC cannot guarantee that every request for assistance will be funded, every effort will be made to help families with legitimate needs to the extent funds are available. 

 Policy Overview

1.  Granted annually based on eligibility and availability of assistance.  Applications are due by May 15th.  Applications may be considered after the due date based on availability of assistance on a first-come-first-serve basis.  Applications must be submitted yearly. 

2  Applies to registration, coaching, and club fees.  Does not apply to expenses for uniforms, tournaments, special fee-based camps/academies/personalized training sessions, travel, etc. 

3.  Eligibility criteria:

A.  Complete Financial Assistance Application.

B.  Meet household income eligibility requirements, except in hardship cases

C.  All players in household are in good standing in the club.

D.  Agree to provide income tax return to verify income and household size if requested.

E.  Agree to provide proof of eligibility for free or reduced lunch if requested.

F.  Agree to a one-year financial commitment to the club.

G.  Agree to participate in at least 80% of scheduled practices and games.

H.  Agree to donate service to the club if requested to help offset the costs to the POSC.

I.  Agree to payback any or all of the fee reductions received if able after award.

J. All Financial Aid recipients must complete no less than 80 hours of service to the club per year.

4.  All data submitted is strictly confidential.

5.  The POSC Executive Board of Directors reserves the right to cancel any financial assistance arrangement(s) at any time.


Please use this link to apply for the financial assistance program.

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